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Shaper Panties

Shaper Panties

Our modern and sexy shapers are so stylish that you will want to show them off. With our history of craftmanship, Triumph has created a range that's truly something special.

6 Item(s)
Set Ascending Direction
  1. Seamless Long Leg Vp
    Seamless Long Leg Vp
  2. Second Skin Long Leg
    Second Skin Long Leg
  3. Second Skin Hiwaist Panty
    Second Skin Hiwaist Panty
  4. Seamless Long Leg VP
    Seamless Long Leg VP
  5. Seamless Boyleg Shaper VP
    Seamless Boyleg Shaper VP
  6. Seamless Full Brief VP
    Seamless Full Brief VP
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